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Research Grants

We offer several grants for research through our Grants to Charities and Organisations and Innovation teams.

Grants to Charities and Organisations

We grant fund research through one of our six grant programmes for charities and organisations.

Research Grant Programme

These grants support other charities and organisations to develop and expand on existing research for existing transport accessibility solutions. The additional research should produce data that can be accessed by all, which can help more disabled people in the short term.

We would recommend you contact our Grants to Charities and Organisations Team, if the charity or organisation applying:

  • does research in accessible transport
  • and can demonstrate why the research is needed and how it will be used.

Charities and organisations can apply for grants from £50,000 to £1 million at any point over the next three years.

Find out more and apply for our Research Grant Programme.


The Innovation Team at the Foundation also grant funds research within the scope of specific innovation projects.

User Research Grants

Through this innovation project, we aim to support charities to carry out research centred on disabled people’s voices, which we know has not had much funding or support in the past.

Learn more about our previous work with RNIB, Sustrans and Leonard Cheshire.

We recommend you contact our Innovation Team, if:

  • you want to carry out user research specifically,
  • you want to explore a less clear evidence space in accessible transport,
  • you want a partner for guidance and collaboration,
  • or you don’t have established capability in carrying out accessible transport research.

National Centre for Accessible Transport (ncat)

We launched the National Centre for Accessible Transport (ncat) last year, the world’s first evidence centre for inclusive transport. The purpose of an evidence centre is to generate evidence of ‘what works’ and influence for the adoption and implementation of that evidence.

ncat works with disabled people, disabled people’s organisations, transport providers and policy makers to fill evidence gaps and identify potential solutions in policy and practice that could make transport accessible for everyone.

We would recommend you contact ncat if:

  • you have a clear idea of an evidence gap in accessible transport you want to explore,
  • you have expertise in ‘what works’ in making transport more accessible,
  • your organisation has established capability in carrying out research and / or evaluation.