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A young man is walking away from his blue vehicles using crutches. He had a red top on with a black backpack and blue shorts.

Research into young disabled people’s transport accessibility needs

Thursday, 06 June 2024

We’re delighted to have commissioned Savanta to carry out research into the transport accessibility needs of young disabled people.

Why have we commissioned this research?

There are over 16 million disabled people in the UK, and the most recent census found that 1.2 million young people in England and Wales identified themselves as disabled, a figure which has more than doubled in the last decade.

However there is very little research that has been undertaken with young disabled people and the challenges or barriers they face when accessing transport.

We want to gain a better understanding of what the transport needs of disabled young people are right now, and their needs as they transition into adulthood to ensure that future transport modes and technologies are accessible to them.

What will the research focus on?

With the above in mind the research will have a focus on learning more about the transport experiences of young disabled people between the ages of 15-24.

This research supports our two innovation priorities – finding solutions to improve existing transport and ensuring accessibility is a key part of future transport modes.

“Lived experience will be integral to this research”

Nicola Gampell, Innovation Manager at the Motability Foundation said: “We’re really excited to be getting started on this important research.

“Savanta will work directly with young disabled people to understand their experiences and views on the accessibility of current transport modes, and the changes they would like to see to ensure their needs are met.

“Lived experience will be integral to this research, with a peer research group of young disabled people steering the project.”

How can you get involved?

There are opportunities for young people to get involved in this research as either a focus group participant or a peer researcher.

Find more information on applying for these roles on the Take Part in Research website.

Next steps

Findings from this research will be published in October 2024.

Read our other research reports here.

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